Metro Access

Do you know what an opened station transit system is?

An opened station transit system is a system whereby the sliding doors providing access to Metro stations will remain open.

If passengers validate their ticket before passing through them, they will have no problem entering the station. By contrast, if they try to enter without a ticket, the sliding doors will close automatically.

The first pilot test has been undertaken in Alsacia Station and then the system has been extended to Pacífico, Lavapiés and Feria de Madrid stations. After several months spent checking and detecting possible errors, this access system will be installed in other 29 stations: Avenida de Guadalajara, La Almudena, Las Rosas, Delicias, Palos de la Frontera, Alameda de Osuna, Almendrales, Canillejas, San Fermín - Orcasur, El Capricho, Villaverde Bajo – Cruce, Manoteras, Ciudad de los Ángeles, Hortaleza, Valdeacederas, Arganzuela – Planetario, Carpetana, Valdecarros, La Gavia, La Elipa, San Cristóbal, Las Suertes, Bambú, Pinar del Rey, La Peseta, Aviación Española, Carabanchel Alto, San Francisco and Mirasierra.

It is very likely that in the near future you will come across with some of these new station transit systems when you use the Metro service. They will not only improve the passenger access flow, but will also allow for energy and money saving on station facilities maintenance costs.