Plano literario

Find out the different names of the underground stations on the new “Literary Map”

They are now the titles of passengers’ and readers favourite literary works

You can now see the new Literary Underground Map. This is a new cultural proposal entitled ‘Elige tu destino’ [Choose your destination], framed within the ‘Books to the Street’ campaign, which has now been running for 24 years. The particular feature of this action lies in the fact that the underground stations change their name to the favourite literary titles of readers and travellers who took part over the summer in the contest organized by the Association of Publishers of Madrid (AEM) and ‘Metro Elige tu destino’.

The Map also seeks to pay special tribute to authors. Accordingly, Sol station has been renamed Ellas escribieron [They wrote] station and is given over to all women who, over the course of history, had to hand over their works to their male colleagues in order for them to be published under a male pseudonym, or were directly unable to be published as they were women.


The campaign ‘Books to the Street’, which includes the Metro Literary Map, gives great weight to children’s and young people’s literature to bring reading to young people. To that end, the Children’s and Young People’s Literature Committee of the AEM has proposed seven representative authors: Elia Barceló, Laura Gallego, Jordi Serra i Fabra, Nando López, Elena Odriozola, José A. Cotrina and Rosa Huertas.

The selection for this year – 14 texts – also includes those award-winning authors from last year: Francisco Brines (Cervantes Prize), Juan Bonilla (National Narrative Prize), Irene Vallejo (National Essay Prize), Olga Novo (National Poetry Prize) and Javier de Isusi (National Comic Prize). The campaign also seeks to celebrate the centenary of Emilia Pardo Bazán and remember Luis Eduardo Aute, who died last year.

Through the QR code that appears on the texts, you can gain access to the website Asociación de Editores de Madrid  to find out a little more about each work, its author and the illustrator who has worked on the poster.