Grandparents’ Day is also celebrated by Metro

Grandparents and grandchildren of Metro employees came together to visit one of the enterprise’s work sites.

A group of grandparents and grandchildren of employees of the Madrid underground have had the chance to enjoy a very special visit to the Canillejas site, where Metro’s central workshops are located. As well as seeing the work undertaken in the workshop, they discovered how the enterprise’s warehouses operate and visited the train simulator, where Metro train drivers learn to drive the trains.

This initiative is framed within the celebration of Grandparents’ Day, which takes place on 26 July each year to pay tribute to these people. A tribute that can also be seen on the mural designed by the illustrator from Valencia, Paco Roca, which is located at Plaza de Castilla station and which we invite you to visit.

The artist tells us in this video how this project came about which acknowledges the special role played by the elderly in our society.