Have you already discovered the Metro cultural guide, with more than 147 artistic works?

The underground is home to murals, sculptures, photographs and museum spaces across its 12 lines. Come and discover these treasures!

Metro de Madrid has a digital guide that tours round the 147 main elements of cultural interest displayed in its installations. Murals, photographs, sculptures, museums and classic trains make up the underground’s cultural offer, gathered in a new section available on the Metro website (www.metromadrid.es) and on the corporate app.

This virtual tour presents such emblematic spaces as Chamberí station, the iconic mural ‘Entre dos aguas’ [Between two waters] at Paco de Lucía station (a work by Okuda and Rosh333) and the mural by the cartoonist Paco Roca in Plaza de Castilla station in tribute to our senior citizens. The main aim of the new app is to organise and publicise the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the underground stations – works that may go unnoticed on many occasions due to the hustle and bustle of stations but which are worthy of recognition as they form part of the daily landscape of hundreds of thousands of people who pass through the passageways, entrance halls and platforms of the Madrid underground.

Once users access this app, they will find a map of the underground with 107 stations highlighted with icons where the 147 points of cultural interest can be found, you only have to click on any of them to access photos and information on the work you wish to consult, such as the description, the author and the date. This resource will also include a search function to facilitate access to information by users.

As well as the underground museums (Chamberí station, the Engine Shed, the Classic Train Exhibition in Chamartín station, the old entrance hall in Pacífico station and the los Caños del Peral Museum in Ópera station), the new guide offers information and photos of some lesser-known works to users, but of great cultural value, such as the mural ‘Sueños Encerrados’ [Pent-up Dreams] by Luis Gordillo, in Alsacia station (Line 2); the mural that pays tribute to Lina Morgan in La Latina station (by David Cárdenas) and the mural ‘Arganzuela Planet’, by Carlos Alonso and Luis Sardá, in Arganzuela-Planetario station (Line 6).