Ida Vitale, Mingote and García Lorca to be found on the Metro

If you are one of those people who reads the literary extracts to be found on Metro trains, you now have some new ones to help you pass the time

The ‘Books to the Street’ [Libros a la calle] campaign is being refreshed with new extracts from famous authors. So now you can read new texts taken from works by such leading authors as Ida Vitale, Migote, García Lorca, Ignacio Aldecoa and Valle Inclán.

Furthermore, the ‘Books to the Street’ campaign also highlights the latest in comics and poetry, with this edition even including an extract from ‘Recommendations on the Use of Emoticons and Emojis’ in the ‘Spanish Language Style Book’ by the Spanish Royal Academy. 

This year and for the first time, some of these posters will be printed in Braille so the visually-impaired can also enjoy this experience, a unique opportunity for making the most of travelling on the Metro to ‘get hooked’ on literature.

If you feel like reading more, please remember that you can pick up the books at one of the 12 Bibliometros that exist on our network. Here are just some of the extracts that you can find on the trains: