Juan de la Cierva station pays tribute to Spanish scientists

An exhibition of murals on station walls highlights the importance of their work

Entitled ‘The Path of Science’, Metro de Madrid proposes to highlight and remind passengers, through 14 illustrated designs, of the importance of science and research for the development and progress of our society, as we were able to see first-hand over these long months of the pandemic.


The platforms, passageways and entrance lobbies of Juan de la Cierva station are decorated with information on the place and date of birth of each of the figures the exhibition pays tribute to and the important achievements of their professional careers. In addition, each biographical factsheet is accompanied by a portrait of the figure. The surface area covered to date amounts to 244 square metres, and further figures will be incorporated in upcoming editions.


The exhibition seeks to publicise the importance of each of the works developed in their respective fields and highlight the career of 14 illustrious scientists through their pioneering and exemplary initiatives in different scientific fields.


Gregorio Marañón, Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Juan de la Cierva y Codorníu, Leonardo Torres Quevedo, Pascual Madoz e Ibáñez, Felisa Martín Bravo, Ramón Menéndez Pidal, Enrique Moles y Ormella, Alejandro Malaspina, Julio Rey Pastor, Blas Cabrera y Felipe, Severo Ochoa de Albornoz, Gabriela Morreale de Castro and Margarita Salas Falgueras are the illustrious figures that are portrayed in the station as from today.