Plaza de España station

Lines with art: L3, a stroll through starry skies, key works of literature and striking mosaics

Don't miss this tour that will enable you to discover the details and interesting facts of the artistic treasures that are scattered all along line 3.

Have you ever noticed the stained glass window at Plaza de España station or the stars that decorate the ceiling of the lobby of Sol station? These are some of the artistic gems of the most emblematic stations on line 3, which also holds surprises in other lesser-known stations, such as Hospital 12 de Octubre and Villaverde Alto.


We start the tour at Argüelles station, which welcomes us with a cheerful mosaic of colours created by J. Ruiz in 1995. It is a representation of Parque del Oeste and the surrounding buildings, over which the cable car, one of the distinctive elements of this neighbourhood, 'flies'.

Argüelles Mosaic

Plaza de España

Decorated with 189 metres of plastic strips featuring the complete text of Miguel de Cervantes' masterpiece: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. In addition, and although it perhaps goes more unnoticed by Metro users, it also has an interesting stained glass window made by Ramón Molina in 1981, which depicts the coat of arms of Madrid, with the bear and the strawberry tree against a background of leaves. Have you ever noticed it?

Plaza de España Mosaic


One of the most representative stations of the underground network invites us to look up. On the one hand, on the ceiling of the Calle Mayor hall there is a sculpture celebrating Miguel Otamendi, Antonio González Echarte and Carlos Mendoza, the three founding engineers of Metro. On the other, in the hall that connects with Cercanías, there is a spectacular series of stars symbolising the Community of Madrid.

Sculpture at Sol station

Hospital 12 de octubre

Further away from the city centre, you can find Hospital 12 de Octubre station, which has a mural by Carlos Alonso and Luis Sardá. It includes 12 human figures, half male and half female. It is entitled Humani Corpori and depicts a human body observed from different perspectives, in order to provoke the same sensation as when looking at a sculpture.

Mural at Hospital 12 de Octubre Station

Villaverde alto

Under the title Villaverde is its people, Natalia Sánchez Panadero decorated Villaverde Alto station with a photomosaic made with passport-size photographs of local residents, representing a panoramic view of the neighbourhood. The image was taken from the air and required 67,000 portraits of 4.5 cm to reproduce. It couldn't be more original!

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Mural at Villaverde Alto station