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#MadridAtMetro: how the people from Madrid see their city

Whether it's sunny, cloudy, rainy or foggy, Madrid wakes up radiant every day of the year and at Metro, we have decided to say good morning to you every day with a spectacular view of our city.

01/04/2022 - The temptation is great to wander from station to station and immortalise its best angles ourselves, but in this incredible city, we have so many good photographers that we have chosen to share some of the beautiful pictures we find every day on Instagram on our social media.

Many professionals and amateurs have given us their permission to post their photos images and thanks to them, we are constantly discovering new places and new points of view.

There are so many photos that we have been lucky enough to be able to share that we can't fit them in one article, but we want to show you at least a selection.

These last few months, we have had some splendid days, some sadder ones and even a storm called Filomena that dyed Madrid in white. But who says rainy days aren't beautiful? We love them too!

Just like the pink skies...

And cloudless days, which allow us to appreciate our city in all its splendour, both at ground level and up high. How impressive is Callao like this?

But since we're in Madrid and we're going up... Better go to heaven! We have also found spectacular photos taken with drones.

And others that invite you to relax and rest, like this beautiful sunset at Gran Vía.

On other occasions, we have opted to move away from the centre and show other perspectives of the city, such as this one, in which the famous Pirulí bids us good morning.

There are many icons of Madrid that are worth immortalising. Among the favourites of the people of Madrid and those who visit us are some as well known as Gran Vía, Cuatro Torres, Puerta del Sol... And for some months now, an element that we love and which our users give us incredible images of every day has joined the list. It is, of course, the Gran Vía pavilion. Haven't you seen it yet?

Here you have a small selection of great images of Madrid, but we encourage you to see them all on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, where you can find them with the hashtag #MadridAtMetro. And of course, we encourage you to discover all these places in person and take your own photos. Of course, if you're going to go, it's best to take the metro.