New totem in Menéndez Pelayo Station

Menéndez Pelayo station goes back in time

Did you know that, in the old days, Metro used ornamental 'lampposts' as signposts?

Ornamental totem poles were a quick and easy way to make the location of stations visible from afar, especially at night when they were lit up. Thus, the most scatterbrained had no problem finding them.

Although the Metro signage system has evolved over the years to make it more accessible and intuitive, the company wanted to rescue those symbols of the early 20th century Metro system, inspired by that of Paris.

For this reason, taking advantage of the refurbishment of the Menéndez Pelayo station on line 1, the underground has recreated one of these totems. In this case, it is 4.5 metres high, rectangular and culminates in the old Metro diamond. A journey through time that takes us back to the urban landscape of Madrid a century ago.

This is not the first time the company has done something similar. Last year, following the refurbishment of Cuatro Caminos station, a 6.3 metre high street lamp  was placed next to the access to Avenida de la Reina Victoria.