Metro de Madrid features in your favourite series

Do you know which movies and series have recently been filmed in the underground?

Metro de Madrid is a means of transport providing a perfect film set. In 2019 alone, it has been the backdrop for at least 26 shoots, some of them for platforms such as Netflix and Movistar and series that include ‘La casa de papel’, ‘Vergüenza’ and ‘Dime quién soy’. Furthermore, over the last year, such films as ‘Explota mi corazón’, ‘Efecto óptico’, ‘Way down’ and ‘Lo efímero’ have included scenes filmed in the Madrid underground. Even such brands as Coca Cola, ING and Samsung have chosen Metro de Madrid to films their ads

This is not the first time that Metro de Madrid has turned into a film set. Over the course of its history, a multitude of series, adverts, documentaries and some of the most emblematic films in Spanish cinema have been shot there. 'Opera prima' by Fernando Trueba, ‘Laberinto de pasiones’ by Pedro Almodóvar and ‘Tiovivo C.1950’ by José Luis Garci are just some examples of feature films starring Metro de Madrid.

In short, just one more example of the importance of Metro de Madrid, not only as a public service, but also as a benchmark that plays an active role in the life of the city in all its facets.