Metro de Madrid’s ‘life preservers’

A total of 259 defibrillators are present in 205 stations of the underground network

Did you know that the majority of sudden cardiac deaths occur outside of the hospital environment? The installation of defibrillators in places where large numbers of people congregate is an essential measure for saving lives, as this enables an early response to cardiac arrest, thereby increasing the survival expectations among victims.

For this reason, Metro de Madrid has recently finalised the installation of a total of 259 defibrillators, present in a total of 205 stations in the network, specifically in those with an average daily traffic rate of more than 5,000 passengers.

The characteristics and ease of operation of the automated external defibrillators make it possible for any person, whether an employee or user of the underground, to use these devices, after establishing the connection to the 112 emergency phone number, to which the defibrillators are permanently connected