Metro de Madrid's sustainable movement joins European Mobility Week

Once again this year, from 16 to 22 September, European Mobility Week is being celebrated and Metro de Madrid is joining this campaign to raise public awareness of the benefits, both for public health and the environment, of using more sustainable modes of transport, in particular public transport, cycling and walking.

The Metro has always been linked to more sustainable movement and transport as the most environmentally friendly means of public transport. And it has been like this since its birth, since it does not use fossil fuels when providing its service, as it runs mainly on electricity.

Moreover, as it runs mostly underground, the Metro avoids the circulation of cars on the surface and contributes to reducing congestion and air pollution, thus improving air quality.

Here are some figures on our commitment to the sustainable movement:

  • We have more than 2 million passengers per day.
  • We reach 75% of households in 12 municipalities in the Community of Madrid.
  • We avoid millions of surface journeys.
  • We pollute 82 times less than cars.
  • We have reduced electricity consumption at our stations by 30%.
  • We have invested close to 500 million euros in recent years to make the Metro network more accessible.