Metro includes 147 artistic works distributed throughout the underground in a new digital guide

This is now available on the Metro app and the corporate website

The underground has murals, sculptures, photographs and museums along its 12 lines. These have all been included in a new digital guide that covers that 147 main elements of cultural interest housed in the Metro de Madrid installations and now available in a new section of the Metro website and the corporate app.

This virtual route includes such emblematic spaces as Chamberí station, the iconic mural “Entre dos aguas” [Between two waters] at Paco de Lucía station (a work by Okuda and Rosh333) and the mural by the cartoonist Paco Roca in Plaza de Castilla station in tribute to our senior citizens.

The aim is to publicise the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the underground stations, works that may go unnoticed on many occasions because of the hustle and bustle of these stations, but which deserve recognition as they form part of the daily landscape of hundreds of thousands of people who pass through the underground installations every day.