Metro installs technology that enables people with hearing aids to hear their staff more clearly

The system will be installed in at least one intercom per platform, in the lifts and next to the turnstiles

Metro de Madrid is going to make communication through the intercoms in the stations of the network easier for people with hearing disabilities thanks to the new technology it is installing in these communication devices. This measure enables people with hearing aids to interact more effectively with the underground staff who assists them by being able to hear the messages more clearly.

The technology that Metro is integrating in its intercoms, known as induction loops or magnetic induction loops, will be installed in at least one of the existing intercoms on each platform. Also in the intercoms next to the entrance turnstiles in the halls, as well as in the lifts to facilitate interaction with the assistance and customer service systems available at the underground facilities.

mapa interfonos.jpg

Most hearing aids include a system called a "T" switch, which isolates reverberation sounds and ambient noise so that the user hears in a way that is clean, clear, intelligible and at an appropriate volume. Now anyone wearing a hearing aid and standing close to the new intercoms will be able to request the assistance of Metro staff and listen clearly to the conversation, simply by activating their hearing aid in the correct position.

In compliance with regulations, Metro will signpost these intercoms and the adapted lift intercoms so that users are aware of their existence and proceed to choose the "T" position of their hearing aid when they consider it necessary.