Metro sets in motion campaign #muévete, do you fancy signing up?

Get involved in the social cause that most interests you – equality, children’s rights or the fight against LGTBphobia… The initiative #muévete (get moving) take off in February with messages to raise awareness and combat harassment

Each month throughout 2020, Metro will encourage you to do your part in supporting different social causes. This is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness about different issues of social importance, including the equality of women, children’s rights, respect for diversity and environmental respect.

Under the campaign #muévete to combat harassment, various actions will be carried out aimed at facilitating recognition of cases of harassment and cyber bullying and, accordingly, prevent or report them -  and as such help to fight them. Large posters will be displayed in different stations with a list of 10 actions to recognise and tackle cyber bullying.

Furthermore, the Canal Metro Madrid screens and the social media accounts of the company will serve to broadcast short audio-visual spots with advice to recognize harassment and recommendations to prevent and report it, while seeking to raise awareness among users on the positive use of mobile devices and the Internet through real testimonies provided by StopHaters, the leading anti-harassment association in Spain, with which Metro is collaborating to spread this campaign.

Between 11 and 29 February, passengers at Legazpi station will be able to enjoy a preview of the ATADOS exhibition, a display in which famous people from the world of television, journalism, fashion and music pose for the photographer Miky Guerra and lend their image to the fight against cyber bullying. To complete the campaign, short theatre plays will be put on between 25 and 28 February in which actors relate their stories about harassment and cyber bullying.