Metro with Madrid

Do not leave home unless absolutely necessary, particularly the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. At any event, if you need to use the underground these days, please remember:

We are prioritising train services on lines with stations close to hospitals, guaranteeing this service during opening times. Only lines 8 and 11 do not have a station close to a hospital.

To the extent that the Regional Health Department establishes the classification of hospitals with greater needs for people to travel there, trains drivers and trains will be prioritised to cater for this need. At those stations which nearby access to hospitals, we will pay special attention to avoid the build-up and concentration of people at these stations.

To help with whatever you may need, there are Metro staff at these stations while the underground is open. In addition, the control and remote control of facilities will be monitored from the Central Command. We constantly control the functioning of all facilities at the 302 stations in the underground system.

We prioritise escalators, lifts and moving walkways and arrange partition doors to be kept open and trains doors to open automatically.

Every 10 minutes, the Metro public address system now sends out a message asking users to spread themselves out along the platform and inside trains during their journey. Customer service offices are limited to those formalities that are strictly essential.