metroteca en la estación de Suanzes

Metrotecas: Do you know about our new 'bookshelves'?

This new cultural project encourages the exchange of books amongst users

If you pass through Miguel Hernández (L1), Pavones (L9) and Suances (L5) stations you will find a pleasant surprise on the platforms. Metro has decided to make the most of old litter bins and recycle them into 'Metrotecas'.

These are bookshelves containing titles of all kinds. The idea is for users to pick up a book and enjoy it during their train trip. The only condition is to leave another book in its place to ensure the ongoing exchange amongst passengers.

This initiative, which aims to promote reading in the Metro, will soon be extended to other stations. Tetuán (L1); Príncipe de Vergara (L2 and L9); Delicias (L3); Prosperidad (L4); Laguna (L6); Lacoma (L7); Barajas (L8); Ibiza (L9); Fuencarral (L10); La Peseta (L11); and Getafe and Móstoles Central (L12), will also have their own Metroteca. What are you waiting for to use them?