Pasillo de la música en la estación de Estadio Metropolitano

Next station... music

Have you ever thought about what songs and sounds you would include in the soundtrack of your life? If you live in Madrid, I'm sure that between one song and the next you'll hear the occasional "ding, dong, ding" that announces your arrival at Metro stations and that, like Sabina, you have your own "Tirso de Molina, Sol, Gran Vía, Tribunal" in your head that reminds you of a special place.

21/06/2022 -

If you’ve ever listened to music in the metro, if you have attended a concert in its facilities, if you have stopped to listen to any of the artists who perform in its corridors or if you have hummed a song dedicated to our underground, we have something for you. Join us!

On the occasion of Music Day, we encourage you to join us on a journey along some of the milestones that have marked Metro's relationship with music, which goes back to its very beginnings. Did you know that even a century ago Metro was mentioned in some zarzuelas? Since then, there have been many references to Madrid's underground by artists of all styles and in very different periods, from the 70s and the fun years of the “Movida Madrileña” to the present day.

Metro has also been a source of inspiration for many musicians and a stage for their concerts, both for artists who are now famous and others who are trying to break through. The Metro corridors have marked the beginnings of many careers and its facilities have hosted concerts by some of the greatest, such as Raphael.

Concierto de Raphael en Metro en 2008

Raphael is precisely one of the artists portrayed by the photojournalist Ángel de Antonio in the Music Corridor, which you can see from 30 May at the Estadio Metropolitano station, and he wanted to share his experience with us, as did other protagonists of this exhibition: Rafa Sánchez, from La Unión and the vocalist of Los Secretos Álvaro Urquijo.

Would you like to listen to them and join us on this musical journey through Metro's history? Then don't miss this podcast: