Mural Campo Naciones

Station of the month: Feria de Madrid, a business station

Its passengers can increase sevenfold when trade fairs are held at IFEMA MADRID

Many will remember that Feria de Madrid station was originally called Campo de las Naciones. This was until 2017, when it was decided to change the name due in part to its frenetic activity when trade fairs are held at IFEMA MADRID. Arriving by Metro is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to get to this strategic point in Madrid, and this is how most visitors to the fairs do so. You only have to look at the number of passengers at the station on a business day (3,898) and the number that can be reached on a trade fair day, for example, when FITUR is held (21,083).

With this new name, the aim was to highlight the importance of trade fair and congress activity in the Community, organised to a large extent by this institution, which is one of the main economic engines generating wealth and employment in the region.

It also stands out for its characteristic decoration, which refers to its former name, Campo de las Naciones. The piece you can enjoy is by Ralphe Sardá and Carlos Alonso, and is entitled "Faces of the Nations in a single flag". It is made with 40x40 cm tiles and features flags, symbols and anonymous faces from different cultures and ethnic groups, taken from the photographic archive of the United Nations, together with phrases by authors from different countries that speak of the universality of the human being.

The Campo de las Naciones station was opened to the public on 24 June 1998. It was the main line until 14 June 1999, when it was extended to the then Airport station. It belongs to Line 8, which is 16.5 kilometres long, has eight stations and is the fastest of the entire network.