Metro heroes awards ceremony

Thank you, heroes!

In this great underground city that is the Metro, an army of heroes "patrols" every day. You may not realise it, because they don't wear capes or have superpowers, but they make your daily life safer and better. This week the Community of Madrid has recognised the extraordinary actions of 22 of them, who were able to react quickly and professionally to very different situations.

September 30th 2022:

Among them is Yolanda de la Huerta, head of sector, who assisted a woman who had gone into labour in the Getafe de Cercanías vestibule until she could be taken to hospital.

Or Nieves Fernández and Teresa Morencos, also heads of sector, who found wallets with money in them and located their owners. One of the owners was an elderly person who was able to recover their pension money, and the second person was a passenger who was carrying a large amount of money to carry out an important procedure.


Sometimes emergencies go beyond the boundaries of the Metro network, but our professionals do not hesitate to respond when they are needed. In this sense, Sergio Galán, a train driver, and David Soto, a line technician, were also examples of bravery and good work, helping to extinguish a fire outside Villaverde Alto with Metro fire extinguishers.

Nor can we forget those professionals who, belonging to companies other than the Metro or to the State Security Forces and Corps, provide their services within the network or have acted in it while off duty. This is the case, for example, of the security guard Juan Salva, who prevented a passenger from choking by using the Heimlich manoeuvre at the Canillejas station.

These actions are just a few examples of the good work carried out by Metro de Madrid's staff and demonstrate the wealth of human capital we have in our facilities.

The aim of these awards, which have been presented since 2014, is to pay tribute to them and recognise their professionalism and solidarity in performing their duties. But our recognition goes beyond these awards, and we want to give them a big round of applause here and say thank you for being there!

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José Antonio Conejo Bravo

Gloria Cumplido Cumplido

Yolanda de la Huerta

Nieves Fernández Cruz

Sergio Galán Gordo

Dolores Jambrina

Teresa Morencos

Juan Antonio Pineda López

Nuria Rodríguez

Daniel Ros Hinojosa

David Soto Maroto

José Abad Tejedor

Carlos Callejas García

Daniel Campos López

Pedro de la Cruz

Helena Dos Prazeres Esteves Gonçalvez

Jesús García Román

Ismael Gutiérrez Nieto

Óscar Jiménez Florensa

Sergio Meca Quintero

Lorenzo Recio Torres

Juan Salva Simón