The Dominican Republic in the centre of Madrid

Come and discover the music, beaches, flora and fauna of the island through a Wanda Cortorreal mural

Santo Domingo underground station is modelling Caribbean iconography from the Dominican Republic thanks to a mural by the fine artist and muralist from this country, Wanda Cortorreal, displaying the music, beaches, flora and fauna of the island.

The work was produced by a six-man team, who worked on the mural for seven days. The work measures 18 x 1.74 metres and was created with spray paint and acrylic-based paint.

The initiative is framed within the holding of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), at which the Dominican Republic will enjoy a special role as this year’s FITUR Partner. The Embassy of the Dominican Republic chose Santo Domingo station to host this action, thus bringing the culture and art of this country to underground users.

As well as the creation presented today, the Madrid underground has more than 140 artistic works distributed around its network, with a view to spreading and promoting culture among its users along with the fight for various social causes.