Interior of the Puerta del Sur station

The good weather arrives and the green roads await us

Do you feel like enjoying the countryside? With the good weather, it's time to get your bike ready and prepare your backpack for a nice day out of the city. We propose a number of green routes that start and end at a public transport station, many of them Metro stations, and can be enjoyed by bike or on foot. Come on, get ready, we're going to the countryside!

There are many possibilities to enjoy nature by travelling to the starting point of the route by public transport. Thanks to the Green Roads programme of the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium (CRTM), you can organise a good walk or an outing on your bike, with the comfort and safety of being able to start and finish it at one of our stations.

Information on the green routes can be downloaded from the Transport Consortium website and is also displayed on information leaflets at the Metro stations where the routes start and end. The data of each route serves as a guide to help us decide which route is the most interesting or which is best suited to our physical condition.

In addition, each route has a track, or file with waypoints, which can be downloaded to follow the route with mobile devices. Other useful information is available in addition to the tracks, such as the distance to be covered, the degree of difficulty and a recommendation of the physical level required to complete the route, as well as other considerations of interest, such as possible combinations with other itineraries.

Having analysed the basic information to take into account, let's move on to three proposals for good day trips.


Los cortados de Rivas
This route is 13 kilometres long and its level of difficulty is very easy, whether on foot or cycling. The walk starts at Rivas Urbanizaciones station (L9) and ends at Rivas Vaciamadrid station, also on L9.

The route offers a privileged viewpoint over the Jarama valley and runs through part of the beautiful landscape of the Sureste Regional Park. The highlight of the route is Los cortados de Rivas, a unique geological formation with excellent views and lagoons formed by mining activity in the area.

All the info: Los cortados de Rivas



Pitis - El Pardo

This route is 12.3 kilometres long, with a medium-high difficulty, mainly due to the 'slides' of the path in the interior of El Pardo. The route starts at Pitis station (L7) and ends in the urban centre of El Pardo.
It is a good route to do on foot on days that aren't too hot, but not recommended for cycling. You will need to take some water. It connects with the Green Roads RV-01, RV-07, RV-08, RV-09. If you complete it with the RV-10, you will cover a circular route of more than 20 kilometres.

All the info: Pitis – El Pardo



Casa de Campo

The Casa de Campo is a classic of Madrid's green roads. On this occasion, we propose a 15.5 kilometre route around a large part of its perimeter. It should be noted that this itinerary includes many paths and roads, most of which are closed to traffic, such as the Green Cycle Ring and the forest track parallel to the park wall.

If you are going to do the route by bike, you need an average level of fitness and a good technical ability on two wheels, especially because of the diversity of paths and roads and the curves you will encounter. This bike tour can be combined with the Green Cycle Ring or with Madrid Río from Puerta del Rey.

The route starts at Casa de Campo Metro station and ends at this same point. The proposal consists of crossing the gates of Zarzón, Rodajos and Somosaguas, to continue through the Portillo de los Pinos, the Cerro de la Covatilla, the Arroyo de Antequina, the Puente de los Franceses and the Zoo, to finish at Casa de Campo station.

All the info: Casa de Campo


These are just three ideas for enjoying the countryside over the next few days, but remember that there is much more on offer and you can discover other interesting routes through our countryside, always with the advantage of public transport.

They are highly recommended!