The Manuela Malasaña station, a tribute to the most important women in History

Illustrated portraits of 18 women who have excelled in different fields will be permanently displayed on the station platforms.

They changed the world. Women who made history" is the title of the mural exhibition, which Metro has created to celebrate International Women's Day, and offers a selection of Spanish and foreign women who have stood out throughout history in different fields, like literature, science and the fight for rights

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Each of them has a brief biographical sketch so that passengers can learn about the relevance and influence they have had over the years through their pioneering and exemplary initiatives. Thus, figures such as Hipatia of Alexandria, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Clara Campoamor, Rosalind Franklin and Margarita Salas will “accompany” station users on their trips.

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The exhibition is completed by Metro’s celebration of its own female employees, including in the exhibition a section entitled “Ellas en Metro” (Women at Metro), made up of texts and images about the evolution of working women in the company

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The exhibition focuses on 11 women who represent all the women in the company, either because they stood out in their day by reaching positions previously occupied only by men, for their careers, for their professionalism, or because they are still the only women in their area.