Sonsoles y Juan Felipe, en el centro, con sus diplomas que certifican sus prácticas en Metro.

They have made history! For a good reason

Sonsoles and Juan Felipe have made history in Metro de Madrid: They are the first people with intellectual disabilities to complete an internship in our company. They are our heroes and have given us taught us that prejudices can be broken down

03/05/2022 - Sonsoles and Juan Felipe are two special names for Metro. They are the names of two young people, two pioneers who have just entered our history... and for the best of reasons. SONSOLES and JUAN FELIPE, like that, with the capital letters they have earned, are the first people with intellectual disabilities who have completed an internship at Metro. They are an item, and good news, the kind that teaches us that prejudices can and must be overturned.

They are a milestone. And that is how Metro de Madrid has understood it in its commitment to be the metro for everyone, in its challenge for inclusion. It was last February when Sonsoles and Juan Felipe 'landed' in our Logistics and Occupational Health services, ready to give it their all, with fears, doubts, but with bombproof motivation. The doors of a new world opened for them, the world of employment, and a new experience for Metro began.


So after 248 hours of training and intense supervision by the Envera Group and Metro (special mention to Rafael and Óscar), these two young people have a historic mark on their CV, that of being the first to arrive at Metro, while we are left with the taste of an unforgettable experience due to their full dedication and their (enormous) desire to make their way. Sonsoles and Juan Felipe have learned a lot from Metro, that’s for sure, and that will not be forgotten, but Metro has also learned from them... and in abundance.

Metro has held a closing ceremony for this internship programme for people with intellectual disabilities, an event that was full of smiles and emotion, unsurprisingly. An important step has been taken, for these young people, for the company and for the society we serve. With this advance, students with intellectual disabilities have an opportunity to complete their practical training at their disposal, thus favouring their integration into the job market and their progressive incorporation into the different areas of society in a normalised and inclusive way.

In September, we will repeat the experience with four new students such as Sonsoles and Juan Felipe. They will no longer be the first, but we are sure that they will leave their mark again, because they are capable people, with motivation and commitment, something that fits perfectly at Metro.   


SONSOLES DOMÍNGUEZ and JUAN FELIPE PINTO, congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!! You are not only part of Metro history, you are one of our best stories.