M. Valdavia

Travelling on the underground is five times less polluting than by car

Celebrate European Mobility Week by travelling with us

If you use the underground then you might like to know that your trips help pollute five times less than if you choose to take the same route in a private vehicle. This is good news and we want you to celebrate European Mobility Week with us. According to our calculations, the provision of this public transport service avoids the movement of 77 million vehicles a year on the roads in the Region of Madrid. The existence of Metro represents a saving in excess of 180 million euros in costs associated with traffic accidents and diseases deriving from noise and atmospheric pollution.

At present, Metro is the most used means of public transport. Each working day, more than 2.3 million travellers choose the underground to move around the city, 70% for work or study. These estimates are made taking as a hypothesis the distribution of travellers among other forms of transport in the event that Metro did not exist.