Uniforms also change

The Metro de Madrid work uniform has changed on many occasions throughout its 100-year history.

The Metro uniform has not changed its design, colour (which will be blue again), materials and manufacture in the last quarter of a century. With these new changes, Metro de Madrid wants its clothing to adapt to the needs of the line staff, as well as be representative and allow for easy identification to facilitate interaction with passengers, who must easily recognise the company’s workers.


The Metro de Madrid work uniform has changed on many occasions in its 100-year history. At the beginning, female staff wore a dress/overalls that underwent few changes until the 1970s, except the buttons, the length and the progressive increase in the size of the logo stitched on. Men’s clothing was of a more military cut, with a cap and braid to show their professional category.

As from the 1970s, the uniform developed into a more tailored suit for men, and a skirt, blouse and jacket for women, with an overcoat added in the 1980s. The use of trousers for female staff was also introduced in the same decade. In the 1990s, the uniform underwent a greater transformation both in style and in colour. The hallmark blue colour used in previous decades was changed to maroon and new clothes were introduced to adapt to the needs of staff, such as clothing for pregnant women and thermal clothing.

Raquel Galán Martínez has designed the new uniform, who won the contest to propose the new design in March 2018.

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