Access to the Lago metro station

We are making Metro quite green (and II)

A few weeks ago, we told you about some of the environmental measures we are implementing that are making us green. Remember: Travelling with Metro pollutes 4 times less than travelling in a private vehicle.
So here is more of how we did it...


Train washing

Imagine what it means to wash all Metro trains, taking into account that 57,000 washes were carried out in 2021. Now, think about the size of a train and calculate the amount of water needed... It’s indeed a lot of water. That is why at Metro, we wash our trains in 10 washing tunnels equipped with a recycler, which allows us to use part of the recycled water in the washing process.

In 2021, Metro used 1,462 m3 of recycled water, 18% of the water used for cleaning trains.

Lavado de un tren de metro

Photovoltaic panels

We are currently working on the implementation of photovoltaic panels and, in particular, promoting a project for their future installation on the roofs of the depots. We have seen that this is a perfect surface for the location of this type of panels and, in the future, to be able to self-supply energy throughout Metro.

We have also already installed solar panels to power the lighting of the famous Metro logo on some lift shafts. Have you noticed?

Ascensor con el rombo retroiluminado con energía solar

Bikes are good allies of Metro

And one last point so that, between us all, we can make Metro even greener: bicycles are a sustainable and healthy means of transport... making it Metro's best ally. As they are increasingly used, bike racks are available at some Metro stations.

Don't forget that you can access Metro and Metro Ligero stations with your bicycle all day long, except during rush hours, i.e. Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 9:30 am, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays you can do so during all service hours.

Bicicletas en la estación de metro de Colonia Jardín junto a los carteles indicativos de una ruta verde

In short: thanks to everyone, employees and customers, we have a very green Metro that improves the quality of life of the people of Madrid.