Metro Madrid is re-opening San Fernando Station on Line 7b this coming Friday

The alternative bus service will continue to be provided between Hospital del Henares and La Rambla Stations

The Community of Madrid will be re-opening the section between La Rambla and San Fernando de Henares Stations on Line 7b next Friday, 8 April, after completing infrastructure conditioning and improvement tasks in this section. Opening will take in the Metro public service operating hours, from 6 a.m. to 1.30 a.m.

The station was closed on 21 November last, within the section lying between La Rambla and Hospital del Henares Stations, for the purpose of undertaking ground consolidation works, in the surroundings of a ventilation and pumping shaft across which trains run on their way through the municipal district of San Fernando de Henares.

Since the works in this section have not been terminated completely, users will have to change trains at La Rambla Station, which has already been opened. In this respect, Jarama, Henares and Hospital del Henares Stations will be kept closed until completion of the jobs.

The improvement operations have focused around providing a solution to an irregular terrain, in which layers of limestone and marl and gypsum deposits alternate with areas with such salts as halite, with great capacity for dissolving in water, which represent a problem as regards supporting the ground and the passing of trains.

The jobs have consisted of injecting mortar into the ventilation and pumping shaft from the outside, located in the vicinity of Calles Rafael Alberti, Paco Olavide and Francisco Sabatini. Mortar has also been injected from inside the tunnel, securing it with micropiles, while measures are also being taken in the area adjoining ‘El Pilar’ amenity complex.