The Community will make Chueca Metro Station an example of diversity and tolerance

Metro Madrid calls an open tender for renovation of the image of the station

The Community has called an open tender for the new design of Chueca Metro Station , on Line 5, which will be opened in June 2017, coinciding with the holding of WorldPride in the capital, and which will make this station an example of tolerance and diversity. This initiative is the outcome of an agreement between Metro Madrid and the Office of Culture and Tourism with a view to boosting the image of certain landmark stations.

In conjunction with the College of Architects of Madrid (COAM), the Regional Government has organized this tender for the contracting of the design, preparation of the project, and management of the works for the new image of the station. A professional jury panel will select the best proposal for the interior design and remodelling of the facilities, which will receive 30,000 euro by way of awards and fees.

This tender will be open to graduates in Fine Arts, architects, industrial engineers, civil engineers and designers with first or higher degrees in design, either on an individual basis or forming part of teams, which may be interdisciplinary or enterprises with corporate aims that are in keeping with the objects of the tender.

The main specifications and their annexes, including the set of special conditions, will be hung on the website of the secretary’s office for the tender ( and in the Metro Madrid contracting party profile ( The projects may be submitted, without prior registration, until 1 September next.

Composition of the jury panel

The jury panel will be made up of Metro Madrid executives and engineers, a representative of the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) and one of the Association of Designers of Madrid (DIMAD), a representative of the Association of Companies and Professionals for Gays and Lesbians of Madrid and its Community (AEGAL), and a Fine Arts graduate, architect, designer or industrial engineer of acknowledged experience. Assessment of the proposals will be based on their image, global quality and technical and constructional feasibility. For this purpose, the possibility of creating a personal potent, cohesive and responsible image of the city will be taken into account in particular, besides the integration of the actual station in Plaza de Chueca and the iconographic nature of the entrance proposed.

Amongst other aspects, special consideration will be given to its ability to put across to society the message and spirit of tolerance and diversity, in keeping with the cosmopolitan and multicultural identity of the district in which the station is located. Furthermore, an efficient solution is sought that succeeds in blending an Ecodesign, innovation and functional capability, taking into account the durability of the constructional elements and their proper maintenance.

Fight for equality

With this contribution Metro Madrid sets out to continue awakening the awareness of the public at large against discrimination and in favour of respect for diversity, as we regard it of prime importance to prevent discrimination and prejudice on whatsoever grounds, especially as we possess the facilities and various communication channels for getting this message over to millions of people.

Metro Madrid has a campaign in progress to publicize the Community of Madrid mechanisms for reporting acts of aggression and will shortly be concluding an agreement with the Madrid Observatory against LGTB-phobia with a view to cooperating in the fight against discrimination due to sexual orientation and/or gender identity, which will include staff awareness and training actions and campaigns aimed at publicizing the functions of the Observatory.