Metro Madrid implements an innovative dynamic in-tunnel advertising system

The Regional Secretary of Transport visits Line 8
The new LED-based technology support system comes into operation today on a section of Line 8

Metro Madrid is getting ready for the first-time implementation of a spectacular new advertising support, which will permit the visualisation of animated contents in the interior of tunnels.

As from today, users of Line 8, in the section from Colombia to Nuevos Ministerios, will be able to view animated advertisements through the windows of the train while they are travelling through the tunnel. The plan is for this initiative to be extended later to other Metro lines and sections.

Tunnel advertising is a pioneering initiative in Spain, which will represent an additional source of income for the Underground of more than 200,000 euro a year.

The Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructure of the Community of Madrid, Pedro Rollán, has underlined the value of this new technological application “which will permit the addition of a further feature to the quality of regional public transport, especially on a line like the 8, which, through providing a direct connection with Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas Airport, carries large numbers of tourists who will thereby be able to add a further contribution to the quality of the transport service and infrastructure in the Community of Madrid”.

The new support is patented by the Canadian company Adtrack Media and consists of the installation of a sequential LED system that enables sound-free animated advertisements to be viewed by way of the windows of trains as users pass through the tunnel. The system is started up by the movement of the train and employs a combination of electronic, digital and computerized visualization technologies for architectural purposes. It makes use of the concept of images in movement and the permanence of images in human vision.

At present, the LED system of dynamic tunnel advertising is only present in a few metro systems in the world, such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo. The Madrid Underground will therefore be the first metro in Europe and one of the first in the world to set an initiative of this kind into operation.

Adtrack Media recently won an open tender launched by Metro Madrid. For its part, Telefónica assumes the technological implementation and its maintenance, while Tres60 Grupo is marketing the new support system by way of media agencies and advertisers.

Pedro Rollán Ojeda, consejero de Transportes Infraestructuras y Vivienda (1906.02Kb)

Metro Madrid implements an innovative dynamic in-tunnel advertising system

The Regional Secretary of Transport visits Line 8
The new supports are already operational
Metro ingresará 200.000 euros anuales en concepto de publicidad