Metro Madrid now informs in real time on the state of the installations thanks to a new application.

It allows us to know the state and working of lifts and escalators, as well as the waiting time for trains passing through the stations in the network.

The Community of Madrid now offers real-time information on the state of the lifts and escalators in the Metro network by way of its app (Metro de Madrid Oficial) and its website ( In addition, instant information is also available on the scheduled passing of trains at each one of the platforms of the 301 metro stations.

By way of these new functionalities, any Metro user has up-to-date information before leaving home so as to learn how long there is to go before the next train passes through his or her station or the availability of the lifts and escalators at that very moment.

In this way, this app becomes an excellent tool for physically handicapped people so that they may obtain prior information and be able to decide how to make their journeys. It will be possible, therefore, to know beforehand whether the lift or the escalators of each station are working properly and if there is any operating event. In this case the app will inform on the reason for it and the time expected for the trouble to be put right.

This is the first occasion on which a mobile phone application supplies real-time information on the state of the Metro network installations, offering value added to the service provided by the Company. Updates are available without interruption throughout the 20 hours the Metro network service is open to the public 365 days a year.

The information to users by way of the Metro digital channels is one of the firm commitments of the Community to improving the attention offered to users of the network and the experience they perceive. Besides the app (Metro de Madrid Oficial), which has had over two million downloads, Metro places at the disposal of users its official website ( where they are given real-time information of the possible events that may arise in the running of trains throughout service hours on all Metro lines by means of a simple traffic light system, which is also replicated in the app.

Metro Madrid is also present in several social networks, as is the case of Twitter, and its profile has almost 350,000 followers, where an answer is given to all the comments or queries which users may have regarding the Company’s service. At the same time, up-to-date information is offered on the state of train running, along with all the latest news on the Company.

For its part, in Facebook, where Metro has 40,000 “friends”, specific information is offered on current events regarding the Company, besides being a channel where entertainment or cultural options that can be reached via the Metro network are publicized. In addition, the Company has recently opened a new channel on Instagram, where the number of followers has already risen to more than 4,200.