Metro Line 8 will be closing on 26 January next in order to renovate the track and improve safety, comfort and efficiency

The Regional Transport Consortium will facilitate mobility with three special EMT free bus services

Metro Madrid Line 8 will be closing its eight stations as of January 26 next in order to carry out the renovation of the tracks between Nuevos Ministerios and Barajas Stations. The works, with a tender budget of 20 million euro, will have a completion time of 83 days and will terminate on 18 April next. The actions will start off when one of the most important dates on the IFEMA calendar, the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR), has passed so as not to interfere with access to the fair stands by public transport.
To reduce the possible inconvenience that may be caused to metro users by the interruption in the service, an alternative EMT bus service will be provided with an operating range agreed upon with the Madrid City Council, while the Suburban Rail line that goes to Airport Terminal T4 will also be reinforced.

The Metro track renovation plan will involve replacement of the present track infrastructure with a latest technology installation, which will offer better indices of safety, availability, comfort, reduction of vibrations, and an increase in the efficiency in maintenance tasks, besides restoring the commercial speed of the trains. The works will be carried out in three shifts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a view to speeding up their conclusion as much as possible and minimizing their impact on users.

Platform repairs

The works will consist of the repair of the track platform by transverse concrete injections and transverse walls, beside repair of the central drainage channel and the cross troughs. The rubber track buffer pads, which had become obsolete, will also be replaced with direct fastening plates along the whole section affected and the evacuation galleries will be rehabilitated in the Mar de Cristal - Campo de las Naciones section. Similarly, a shaft between Campo de las Naciones and Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 Stations will be consolidated to eliminate seepage and prevent possible cave-ins in this shaft. The works are taking place to improve areas of the central trough, repair filtrations, renew the fastenings and also improve the track platform infrastructure.

Line 8 has a length of 16.5 kilometres, which are distributed over eight stations which run from the centre of Madrid, Nuevos Ministerios Station, to Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport Terminal 4. It is a case of the fastest line in the whole Metro network, where trains reach a speed of up to 105 kilometres per hour. In 2001 it became the first metro line electrified at 1500 volts.

Special bus service and reinforcement of line 4

Metro Line 8 carries an average of 45,000 passengers a day, so that the special alternative service provided by the Transport Consortium amply assures the mobility of the user.

In this way, as of 26 January this body will make available to users three alternative bus services covered by the EMT. This service will be provided with a score of buses, which will cover the route of Line 8 to assure the needs of users throughout the day.

The first of the alternative services, SE 2, will have 10 buses and will cover the route between Mar de Cristal and Aeropuerto T2-Barajas Stations. Alternative service SE 3 will run between Colombia and Pinar del Rey Stations. This service will be covered with 2 buses. SE 4, between Mar de Cristal and Aeropuerto T4 Stations, will be provided with up to eight vehicles. The operating times of all the special buses will be the same as the actual Metro service, from 6 a.m. in the morning to 1.30 night.

In turn, Metro Madrid will be reinforcing the service on Line 4 to facilitate mobility, in addition to the alternative bus schedule. Madrid Suburban Rail (Cercanías) will also be increasing its service on Line C1 so as to offer an alternative means of transport to metro users by endowing the service with greater flexibility.

In addition, an informative campaign will be conducted in the metro in order to make users aware of the discontinuation of service on the line and the transport alternatives available. Likewise, Aena ground staff at the airport will give passengers specific information regarding alternative services that they may use depending on their point of destination.