The Regional Government of Madrid reinforces the region’s public transport system for the Christmas holidays

Se reforzará el servicio de trenes y se aumentará el personal y la vigilancia en estaciones
The plan, designed by the Regional Transport Consortium, will be implemented tomorrow, Friday 30 November. The Metro service will be boosted by up to 40% more trains at peak hours. A total of 32 EMT municipal bus lines will also be reinforced, with a 22.3% increase over last year

The Regional Government of Madrid, through the Regional Transport Consortium, will implement the plan for reinforcing the region’s public transport system, starting tomorrow Friday 30 November, in the face of the expected increase in passengers during the Christmas holiday season. This reinforcement plan will make it possible to increase the transport service both in Metro as well as in the EMT municipal bus lines and the Cercanías suburban trains.

The Metro plan will extend up to 13 January next year. During this period, the train service and the number of personnel and security guards in stations will be increased. Opening hours will also be modified in view of the upcoming public holidays to meet the passenger demand in shopping and leisure time areas during the long weekend in December, which includes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 December, as well as throughout the Christmas season. Service will be increased on some lines up to 20% on working days and 40% on weekends, coinciding with the expected peak hours.

The increase in trains will be applied on lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10, both on working days as well as on weekends and public holidays. Metro will increase the number of trains between 7 am and 12 midnight, giving special attention to the time slots when travel to shopping and leisure areas is expected to increase, principally in the afternoon/evening hours.

The stations directly affected by this plan are Ópera, Sol, Callao and Tirso de Molina, taking into account that Sevilla and Gran Vía stations are currently closed. Príncipe Pío, Banco de España, Santo Domingo, Serrano, Plaza de España, Argüelles, Lavapiés, Goya, Chueca, Nuevos Ministerios and Tribunal stations could also experience an increase in the number of passengers due to their proximity to the stations mentioned previously or to the city’s most important shopping areas.

It is expected that one of the days with the largest number of journeys during this period will be Friday 14 December, with an estimate of more than 2.5 million passengers. This is one of the days with the highest demand in the year.

As is the usual practice at this time of the year, the opening and closing hours of the Metro service will change on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day: on Christmas Eve the Metro service will end at 9:30 pm, while on Christmas Day it will open two hours later (at 8 am) and on New Year’s Day, one hour later (at 7 am).


Likewise, a special arrangement will be put into place in Metro de Madrid, additional to the existing plan, during the afternoon/evening of 31 December on the occasion of the San Silvestre race, and also on the evening of 5 January for the Three Kings Parade, reinforcing the service on the lines affected and increasing the number of train drivers, station personnel and security guards.

The presence of Metro personnel and security guards will also be increased during the Christmas season in the ticket halls of stations where a larger number of passengers is expected, as well as at any other point in the network where crowding may occur at certain times. 

Metro will also organise a special cleaning service for the stations during the Christmas season. Specifically, daily routines such as the emptying and cleaning of waste paper bins, the removal of stains and graffiti or the cleaning of entrances and lifts will be reinforced in a number of the stations with the heaviest passenger traffic at this time of the year, such as Sol, Ópera, Callao, Plaza de España and Tribunal. Also at these locations, the floors will be shined with rotary machinery, and a specific machine will be used to clean the escalators. This floor shining operation will also be carried out in Noviciado, Santo Domingo, Banco de España, Tirso de Molina, Antón Martín and Colón stations.


The Consortium has also decided to reinforce 32 EMT bus lines to facilitate mobility between the outlying neighbourhoods and the city centre and, as a result, the bus service will be increased by 22.3% with respect to the Christmas season last year.

The lines with reinforced service are as follows: Lines 1 (Cristo Rey-Prosperidad), 2 (Manuel Becerra-Reina Victoria), 3 (Puerta de Toledo-San Amaro), 5 (Sol/Sevilla-Chamartín), 6 (Benavente-Orcasitas), 9 (Sevilla-Hortaleza), 15 (Sol/Sevilla-La Elipa), 17 (Plaza Mayor-Parque Europa), 18 (Plaza Mayor-Villaverde Cruce), 20 (Sol/Sevilla-Pavones), 23 (Plaza Mayor-Villaverde Cruce), 25 (Ópera-Casa de Campo), 26 (Tirso de Molina-Diego de León), 31 (Plaza Mayor-Aluche), 32 (Benavente-Pavones), 35 (Plaza Mayor-Carabanchel Alto), 39 (Ópera-San Ignacio), 44 (Callao-Marqués de Viana), 46 (Sevilla-Moncloa), 50 (Sol-Avenida Manzanares), 51 (Sol-Plaza del Perú), 52 (Sol/Sevilla-Santamarca), 53 (Sol/Sevilla-Arturo Soria), 60 (Plaza de la Cebada-Orcasitas), 65 (Benavente-Gran Capitán), 74 (Pintor Rosales-Parque de las Avenidas), 75 (Callao-Colonia Manzanares), 133 (Callao-Mirasierra), 146 (Callao-Los Molinos), 147 (Callao-Barrio del Pilar), 148 (Callao-Puente de Vallecas) and 150 (Sol/Sevilla-Virgen del Cortijo).

During the 32 days of this reinforcement plan (from 30 November to 4 January, ten more days than in the previous Christmas season) different types of increased service will be implemented. On working days, between 14 and 24 extra buses will operate; on Saturdays, there will be 11 additional vehicles; and on Sundays and public holidays, 18 extra buses will run on these lines.

Moreover, the service on the late-night network of the EMT buses will also be reinforced in the face of possible increases in the number of passengers with five additional buses, which will be assigned to the lines requiring extra capacity depending on the day of the week and the needs arising on the various routes.


With respect to the commuter trains connecting cities and towns in the region with the capital, the trains running on the various lines will have a double composition on weekends up to 20 of January next year.
Also, Renfe has arranged for an increase in the capacity of its Cercanías trains on working days, which will translate into an additional 187,634 places for seated passengers and 529,112 standing.