Garrido supervises Metro’s arrangements for the New Year’s Eve celebrations

Metro de Madrid’s Control Centre
The President of the Regional Government of Madrid visits the nerve centre of the underground and thanks the Metro workers for their dedication. The Control Centre, a world reference, manages and controls the entire underground service. It supervises train traffic in real time and monitors the status of 3,000 ticket vending machines, 5,000 interphones, 1,500 escalators and lifts and 5,000 security cameras

The President of the Regional Government of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, visited Metro de Madrid’s Control Centre today on the occasion of the preparation of Metro’s arrangements for providing service during the celebration of New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the San Silvestre vallecana marathon. Garrido thanked the workers who provide their services on these dates.

At the Metro Control Centre, the regional President highlighted the fact that “as is always the case at Christmas, this year a determined effort is being made to ensure that Madrid’s citizens will be able to use the Metro services fully confident of their security”.  This effort is intensified especially on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day through arrangements coordinated with Renfe, the Local Police and Samur-Civil Protection.

The regional President was accompanied by Pedro Rollán, the Vice-President, Head of the Department of the Presidency and Government Spokesperson, and by Rosalía Gonzalo, the Secretary of Transport, Housing and Infrastructures. Garrido announced that Metro has been reinforced in order to meet the demand of these holidays, with particular attention to the lines passing through the centre of the city, with a total of more than one hundred extra workers to bolster the service. Moreover, provision has been made for activating the Network Self-Protection Plan in the event of an emergency situation requiring additional actions to the measures included in the General Contingency Plan.

Well before the commencement of the events scheduled in Madrid for this last day of the year, Metro has been optimising its train service to ensure that all lines with a higher demand (those coinciding with the route of the marathon) and those where a larger number of users are expected to converge following the ringing-in of the New Year will be able to provide service in consonance with the demand predicted and with the usual level of quality. Additionally, both Metro and surveillance personnel will increase their presence in the ticket halls of those stations where a larger number of passengers is expected.

As usual at this time of the year, opening hours will be changed on New Year’s Day, when the network will open one hour later (at 7 am). Today, 31 December (New Year’s Eve), the usual operating hours will remain in effect, although Sol Station’s accesses will close at 9 pm, coinciding with the ringing-in of the New Year.


Garrido had the chance to greet the workers that will supervise the special Metro arrangements on this last day of the year from the Control Centre, the network’s nerve centre where all the operations necessary to enable the underground to transport more than 2.3 million passengers daily are centralised and managed in real time, making a “significant effort” both in the network itself and from the Control Centre.

“Very little happens in the Metro without being detected by the people working in this Control Centre and who take action whenever necessary”, the president assured, recalling that these facilities operate on a regular basis 24 hours a day in three different shifts, managing the control of train traffic, the energy supply and the installations of the stations, as well as security, passenger information and data log.

Thus, the Control Centre staff manages and controls train traffic in real time and ensures energy supply through 118 electricity substations and 353 transformer stations. The status of the installations is also monitored: close to 3,000 Multi Card vending machines, more than 5,000 interphones, more than 1,500 escalators and lifts and 5,000 security cameras.

The Control Centre also has a civil protection and security section, which centralises the management of emergencies and incidents, collaborating with Samur 112 and National Police whenever necessary. Metro de Madrid’s Control Centre is a world reference among facilities of its kind, for which reason each year more than fifty delegations of authorities and public transport enterprises from around the world visit the centre to see how it operates first-hand.

Ángel Garrido, Presidente de la Comunidad de Madrid