The wish tree fulfils the dreams of more than 260 underprivileged children and elderly people

Los más pequeños han recibido sus juguetes
This Christmas more than 260 children and elderly citizens in the region received gifts from the Metro, the Regional Transport Consortium and the Department of Transport, Housing and Infrastructures employees thanks to ‘The Wish Tree’ initiative, a solidarity project organised by the Regional Government of Madrid which has been held for the third year in a row and is included in Metro’s Social Line

With the objective of collecting gifts for underprivileged children and elderly citizens, ‘The Wish Tree’ project consisted of the installation of several Christmas trees at ten work centres from whose branches hanged big cards with the name, age and wishes of the beneficiaries of the initiative. Among them are mothers and babies from maternity care homes operated by the Directorate-General for Family and Children of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, low-income elderly people suffering isolation and loneliness looked after by the Amigos de los Mayores Association, and underprivileged children and young people at risk of exclusion helped by non-profit entities in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, specifically Candelita Association and the Balia Foundation.

The employees of these work centres took charge of making these wishes come true by purchasing or making a gift adapted to the individual characteristics of each of the beneficiaries. As a result, Metro volunteers visited the ‘Centro Maternal Residencia Norte’ maternity care home, which provides support to women in a situation of social difficulty, pregnant women or women with children under three years of age who lack economic resources. The volunteers also participated in the distribution of Christmas baskets to more than 70 elderly citizens of the Amigos de los Mayores Association and to children of the Balia Foundation and the Candelita Association, which are entities that assist low-income families in Madrid.

The youngest members of the group received construction toys, baby dolls and princess dolls, as well as costumes and plasticine kits, while the gifts for the mothers included mostly products for their babies, such as blankets, nappy bags and baby wraps, as well as colognes and makeup.

‘The Wish Tree’ campaign was launched in 2016, and the very good response obtained has led to its progressive expansion. Metro de Madrid workers take part voluntarily in the gifts’ collection at the various work centres and in their distribution to the entities and the beneficiaries.

This activity is included in Metro de Madrid’s Social Line, the community involvement programme through which Metro collaborates with non-profit entities and groups at risk of social exclusion, by making available to them key company resources, taking advantage of the great potential of the Metro network as a channel of communication and incorporating the programme into the company’s strategy. In the framework of this programme, in 2018 more than 60 projects were carried out in conjunction with an equal number of non-profit entities.