The number of passengers using Metro for attending FITUR has increased 60 % with respect to 2018

Metro has been the preferred means of transport this year for attending FITUR
The underground has become the preferred means of transport for attending the most important tourism trade fair in the world. With final figures still outstanding, at least 56% of the total attendees used Metro to travel to the Fair. From Wednesday to Saturday, the Feria de Madrid Station registered more than 140,000 passengers. The Regional Government of Madrid reinforced the train service by as much as 50 % and also increased security and station staff to facilitate the flow of passengers

The Feria de Madrid Metro Station registered a total of 141,242 passengers since last Wednesday and up to yesterday, Saturday—the first four days FITUR was held—representing an increase of almost 60 % with respect to the number of passengers using the station on the same dates last year, according to the provisional figures obtained by the underground. In this way, Metro has become the preferred means of transport for attending the most important tourism trade fair in the world.

Accordingly, if we take as a reference the total number of attendees at FITUR last year, that is, 251,000, this year 56 % of the total attendees at the fair used Metro as their means of transport for attending the event, although the final figures, both with respect to attendance at FITUR as well as the number of Metro passengers registered in the course of this last day of the fair, remain to be determined.

By days, Thursday the 24 January was the day with the largest number of passengers recorded in the Feria de Madrid Station, with close to 39,000, while, on the rest of the days in the four-day period, the numbers ranged between 34,000 and 35,000 passengers.

In addition, other stations on Line 8 also registered significant increases during these four days of the trade fair. Specifically, Nuevos Ministerios, the terminus station of the line and one of the stations with the heaviest passenger traffic in the entire Metro network, obtained a total of 264,000 passengers, 15.6 % more than in the first four days of FITUR 2018.

The users of the Aeropuerto T1 T2 T3 Station also increased by 50 % with respect to the same period in 2018, with more than 44,000 passengers. Aeropuerto T4 also experienced a significant increase, with 31,313 passengers, that is, 76.5 % more journeys than during the same period in 2018.