Metro users can notify damage and signs through app

Two travellers consult the official app on their mobile phones
The Metro de Madrid app extends its functions and offers users the possibility of notifying damage or deterioration they find in underground fixtures and fittings and in signage. This new functionality enabled by Metro in its application will lead to information being gathered much quicker to provide a better response

Accordingly, users will be able to collaborate by reporting via this tool, which already offers the possibility of notifying the state of cleaning at Metro facilities and on trains. In fact, through this system, Metro has received almost 4,500 cleaning alerts since it was implemented a year ago.

After seeing the results, Metro decided to also implement an option that goes beyond the cleaning service and seeks to further improve the quality of the service. To use this functionality, users need to open the official Metro application and choose the option Avisos [Alerts] on the main menu. A screen then appears in which you can select either ‘limpieza de estaciones' [cleaning of stations] or 'limpieza de trenes' [cleaning of trains], mobiliario [fixtures and fittings] or señalización [signs]. After choosing one of the above, you can register the details of the incident on a form. You should also attach a photo and a brief description.

Users will receive a notification with an identification code that allows them to monitor the incident using the application such that they can see whether their alert is pending resolution or has been resolved. Once the incident is resolved, they will receive a push notification.

This app service will lead to an improvement in the state of facilities at the time customers identify incidents, which leads to swifter and more flexible resolution, thus helping to reduce the time taken to attend to alerts.

Metro de Madrid resolves 96 % of cleaning alerts on trains received through its app in less than 4 hours and 87% in less than 2 hours. As regards alerts on the cleaning of stations, 85% are resolved in less than 6 hours and 60% in less than 2 hours.

The Metro APP 

The Metro de Madrid app, which already has more than 3 million downloads, offers other services of interest for users. Since December 2016, it includes information services in real time on the state of lifts and escalators throughout the network, as well as the expected train arrival times at each platform of the 301 stations comprising the underground system. Updates to this service are available throughout the 20 hours of service available to the public of the Metro network, 365 day a year.

In addition, since mid-July 2018, users can subscribe to push notifications on all the different network lines, indicating the days and time slots of interest. They may also deactivate the alert system on a temporary basis, for example, while on holiday. These alerts offer an added value to the app service, in terms of comfort and immediacy because, once the state of train movements is known in real time, users may plan their trips in a more effective manner.