First passengers use new Arroyofresno underground station

First passengers use new Arroyofresno underground station
The Regional Government of Madrid completes the extension of line 7 by opening this station – number 302 of the underground system – on 23 March 2019. The facilities opened their doors today at 06:00 for the first time with complete normality

The new Arroyofresno station opened its gates today at 06:00, like the rest of the Metro system, to receive the first passengers to ever use these facilities. By opening this station, number 302 of the underground system, located on line 7 between the stations of Lacoma and Pitis, the Regional Government of Madrid completes the extension of line 7 towards Valdezarza and Peñagrande, thus improving the mobility needs of residents in the north-west of the capital.

The station, with an investment of 4.9 million euros, will mainly benefit the more than 220,000 residents of the districts of Valdezarza, El Pilar, Peñagrande, Lacoma and Arroyofresno. All its facilities are 100% accessible for people with disabilities and reduced mobility thanks to its three escalators (two of which go down to the platforms from the entrance hall), eight escalators and level accesses.

Arroyofresno station is fully thematic, with pictures and illustrations of the Sierra de Guadarrama, due to its proximity to this mountain range. To complete this thematic backdrop, illustrations of some of the typical mountain chains in the park have been used, together with photographic material from the Documentary Fund of the National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama, on loan from the Directorate-General of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability of the Regional Department of the Environment and Territorial Organisation of the Region of Madrid.

This decoration offers educational content about the park’s hallmarks, since it displays the flora, fauna, landscape, historical and artistic heritage, and uses and customs of the region. Together with some of the thematic pictures are explanatory texts flagged with a yellow and white marker, the same as those used to signal short walking routes (Spanish acronym: PR).