Metro de Madrid now has tablets on all lines to improve customer care

A commercial supervisor show a tablet.
The commercial supervisors on all lines of the Metro de Madrid network now have 286 tablets to provide support to improve the service offered to users. This new digital tool allows more information to be available to help customers resolve any doubts they may have more quickly and flexibly.

These tablets contain different applications and content, such as a street map, the Metro app, Consorcio app and the apps of other means of transport, on which they can consult any queries that users may make. It also has a translator in several languages that provides more fluid communication with foreign users, and the commercial supervisors can notify any incident in real time that may occur in stations to the corresponding Metro department.

In addition, this tool allows internal management processes at stations to be replaced by electronic processes in stations which had previously been performed on paper. Accordingly, communication is improved between staff and mid-level command, offering flexibility, speed and proximity.

Station staff have received training to take this technological leap in their method of working, since it amounts to a very significant cultural change in the method of communication and attention for users. The incorporation of this device is one more step in improving customer care which began with the physical elimination of ticket offices and the creation of the figure of the commercial supervisor, which has allowed Metro users to be helped and advised in a far more effective and user friendly manner.