Regional Government of Madrid invests more than 44 million euros in improving services offered by Metro de Madrid

Inversión en seguridad
The investment is aimed at safety, such as security guards and video systems in stations, together with resources for the maintenance of facilities and trains.

The Regional Government of Madrid today approved the award of several contracts totalling more than 44 million euros which seek to improve the quality of the service offered by Metro de Madrid. Specifically, the investment will be allocated to improving the service in several aspects related to safety, as well as to the maintenance of facilities and trains on the Madrid underground.

Accordingly, Metro de Madrid has awarded the surveillance and security services in sites and facilities for a sum of 31.3 million euros to the company Segurisa. The new company, which replaces Ombuds (currently in bankruptcy proceedings), will be responsible for security at Metro sites (13 depots and sheds) on the Metro network. Hence, Ombuds workers will be replaced under this award, which will be allocated for a four-year term.

The Regional Government of Madrid has also been notified today of the award of the comprehensive maintenance service of the video system in stations, for the sum of 4.3 million euros, and with a duration of four years. Metro de Madrid has a video system in place in stations, with more than 4,800 cameras deployed on all platforms, in entrance halls and passages, which allow the images captured to be viewed in real time and recorded.


The maintenance of these camera systems is essential for Metro security and that of its passengers, since it is a very useful tool in this regard. In addition to these devices, Metro also has cameras at depots, in sheds and other spaces, with a total of more than 8,600 cameras.

The Regional Government of Madrid was also informed of the framework agreement for the installation and modernisation services of the control systems in stations and security, to which 2.95 million euros will be allocated over a period of three years.

The control systems in Metro de Madrid stations are made up of several sub-systems from the automatic start-up of escalators, the public address system and the centralised remote control of stations to the access and anti-intrusion and security beat systems.

The agreement approved today will allow Metro to have suitable technical and human resources available to carry out specific works that require greater specialisation in the fields of these control systems at stations.


Another of the contracts notified today is in relation to the service to repair escalators maintained by Metro de Madrid, for a sum of 3.3 million euros. This contract provides a service to the more than 1,000 escalators that are habitually maintained by Metro’s own resources but which, in some cases, require more specialised repairs. Thanks to this contract, these repairs can be done more quickly and effectively.

Metro de Madrid is one of the underground systems with the largest number of escalators in the world (a total of 1.705), more than the New York subway, the London underground and the Paris metro together. Of the total number of escalators, more than 1,000 are maintained with own resources while the rest are outsourced to specialised companies.

In terms of rolling stock, Metro de Madrid has awarded the supply of 1,520 tyres for maintenance on the series 9000 trains for a sum of 2.55 million euros over the next two years. This is the outer cover of the train wheels, which need to be replaced periodically to maintain them in optimum form. In this case, the material is for the series 9000 trains, which run on lines 7, 9 and 10.

Metro de Madrid has more than 120,00 devices, between escalators, lifts, ticket machines, turnstiles, gates, electricity supply equipment, railway signals and other facilities distributed throughout the network and which are used daily by more than 2.3 million users. Their maintenance is essential to ensure the quality of the service with greater availability of facilities and of rolling stock.