Metro celebrates its centenary with music, exhibitions and gifts for passengers

The Regional Government of Madrid celebrates on Thursday, 17 October, Metro’s centenary with a full agenda of activities and surprises for passengers who can thus take part in one of the most emblematic dates in the history of the underground

Accordingly, as from first thing in the morning, the earliest passengers will find a small tribute in the trains to the millions of citizens of Madrid who, by placing their trust over the last 100 years, have been the true stars of the history of Metro de Madrid.

A little later, and in several stations on the Centenary Line (line 1), sweets will be handed out to passengers. Specifically, they will be handed out at Cuatro Caminos, Ríos Rosas, Iglesia, Tribunal and Sol stations, which all formed part of the first line of the underground.

The celebration of the centenary of the public enterprise of the Regional Government of Madrid will also have a digital version in a privileged space on the Internet, with an illustrated tribute to Madrid and its 100 years of life, and in the space given over to the centenary on the corporate web page of Metro ( Furthermore, on social media, Metro de Madrid will offer a contest to test the skills and knowledge of users of the underground.

Music, exhibitions and gatherings

Music will also play a leading role on Thursday with 10 performances to be given by the Orchestra of the Region of Madrid in Embajadores, Legazpi, Nuevos Ministerios, Callao, Canal, Paco de Lucia, Puerta del Sur, Moncloa, Chamartín and Ópera stations. The groups will be comprised of five string instruments playing live in five-minute sessions between 17:30 and 19:30. In addition, the Choir of the Region of Madrid will sign several songs in Sol station as from 20:00. The choir has 40 singers with piano accompaniment in a 30-minute session.

Thursday will also see the inauguration of the 96th Metropolitan Railways Assembly of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), to be held in the capital of Spain and hosted by Metro de Madrid. Specifically, this year’s edition has been organised as a tribute to the Madrid underground on its centenary and will involve the participation of the 60 main metropolitan and underground systems in the world.

The day before, on Wednesday, an exhibition will be inaugurated at the ABC Museum on the origins of the underground. Entitled “The mark of Metro”, it is aimed at lovers of the history of Metro and is the result of a research project with the main goal of recovering historical heritage, following the tracks of a key infrastructure for the city of Madrid as is the underground.

An historical year

The events scheduled for this week follow on from a whole host of activities that have been held over recent months to celebrate the centenary of Metro de Madrid. This initiative is just one of many activities being put on by Metro de Madrid on the occasion of its centenary. These events kicked off on 17 October last year, with the inauguration of the standing exhibition of classic trains in Chamartín station. This station also hosts another exhibition entitled ‘Underground portraits’, made up of a series of photos of famous figures from the world of culture, communication and sport, who pay their own tributes to Metro de Madrid.

In turn, the exhibition entitled ‘100 years of Metro’, organised by the underground for two months in the Engine Shed, allowed visitors to see the origins of the public enterprise belonging to the Region of Madrid. Similarly, more than 2,100 runners took part in the ‘Centenary Race’, held on 3 February, in which participants could run at street level over the original Metro line, which covered the journey from Cuatro Caminos to Sol.

Another milestone in the celebrations is the Centenary Book of Metro de Madrid, a multimedia, interactive work, a graphic and visual tale of a century of history of the underground and of the people of Madrid, through texts, photos, infographics, along with access to audios and videos.