Regional Government of Madrid to fill underground stations with the best music to celebrate centenary

Sol station
Through the musical initiative ‘Your Metro, your orchestra’. A string quintet from ORCAM will play live this afternoon at 10 of the most frequented stations. The musical celebration of the centenary of Metro will culminate with the performance of 40 members of the Madrid Choir in Sol station

The Regional Government of Madrid will fill underground stations with music over the course of today to celebrate the underground’s first centenary. And it will do so with the initiative ‘Your Metro, your orchestra’, organised by the Regional Department of Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with the Regional Department for Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure and the participation of the Orchestra and Choir of the Region of Madrid (Spanish acronym: ORCAM).

In this way, the music will travel and take us on a journey through the different underground stations, once more bringing culture and music to the daily lives of the residents of Madrid and visitors to the region.

Accordingly, Metro travellers will be able to enjoy live music between 17:30 and 19:30. The 10 stations where performances will be held are: Embajadores, Legazpi, Nuevos Ministerios, Callao, Canal, Paco de Lucia, Puerta del Sur, Moncloa, Chamartín and Ópera. These stations have been chosen as they are among the most popular and most frequented at that time of day.

The musical groups will be comprised of string quintets from the Orchestra of the Region of Madrid who will offer a five-minute performance with a short selection from their repertoire.

The musical festival will culminate in the main hall of Sol underground station at 20:00, with a 30-minute performance by the Madrid Choir, made up of 40 members with a piano accompaniment.

Finally, in the same location in the main hall of Sol station, an original musical performance will take place as the finale to the initiative Your Metro, your orchestra’.