Regional Government of Madrid invites children to “scary afternoon” at the Ghost Station

Chamberí station
Free entry until full. The Madrid underground celebrates Halloween by decorating Chamberí station with terrifying characters and a special area to take photos. 30-minute tours will be organised on Thursday, from 17:00 to 21:00, with a maximum of 30 people per tour.

The Regional Government of Madrid, through Metro, will join in the Halloween celebrations, offering our youngest passengers and their parents a chance to enjoy a “terrifying afternoon” at the Ghost Station of Chamberí, which has been decorated and fitted out for a Halloween experience.

On Thursday, 31 October, from 17:00 to 21:00, Metro de Madrid will offer 30-minute tours round the station, with a maximum of 30 people per tour. Several actors will take part and interact with all those who wish to visit the station (no age limits apply, although it is primarily aimed at children) and a special area will be set up for photos.

Visitors may spend a fun time at a very unique station that Metro has chosen due to its characteristics: less light and old furniture, since this is a station converted into a museum, which allows this station to be seen in a similar vein to when it was opened at the start of the 20th Century.


Going into Chamberí station is like a journey into the past. The station was on the original Metro line inaugurated in 1919, made up of eight stations. For technical reasons, at the start of the 1960, the Metropolitan Company decided to increase the length of trains, and given the impossibility of extending this station, it was closed down definitively on 22 May 1966. The station has been restored and now appears as it did when first opened.

The Ghost Station forms part of Platform 0, a name that gathers together the museums spaces of Metro de Madrid and which this weekend reached a total number of one million visitors. Specifically, Chamberí station has received more than half a million visitors since it was reopened on 25 March 2008.

Enhancing the travel experience of users is one of the aims of the Madrid underground, which wishes for those passengers to have an added value to their usual journey and enjoy what the company has sought to pass on from the street to the underground system on many occasions. This is the case of the Halloween initiative, which also seeks to introduce this means of transport to the youngest members of society.