Regional Government of Madrid to let public visit most iconic Metro installations for Science Week

Train driving simulator
This series of visits to spaces owned by the Madrid underground system will start on Tuesday, 5 November, at the Metro Control Centre. Through this initiative, the Madrid public enterprise seeks to raise awareness about its achievements in science, technology and innovation

Metro de Madrid, a public enterprise managed by the regional government, will take part in Science Week again this year. The event is organised by the Regional Government of Madrid to open the doors of its most iconic installations to the people of Madrid and raise awareness about its achievements in science, technology and innovation.

For this 19th Science Week, which will take place from 4 to 17 November under the slogan of ‘For Inclusive Science’, Metro de Madrid has organised a series of activities and visits to raise awareness about the research work being done by its professionals. Attendance to and participation in the scheduled activities is free of charge.

These activities begin on Tuesday, 5 November, with an open day at the Metro Control Centre, one of the most important parts of the underground network as it integrates all the various safety, surveillance, energy management and passenger information systems. It also houses all the systems to tackle possible emergencies and regulate train movements, among other aspects of network management. This centre will be opened up to the public again for another visit on 7 November.


The people of Madrid will also be able to explore the Metro Maintenance Operations Centre at the Cristalia Business Park when it opens its doors on 6 November. This is where communications and installation incidents are managed for the underground railway company.

In turn, visits to Metro installations in Canillejas are scheduled for 8, 12 and 14 November, when people will discover spaces such as the firefighter training facility, the laboratory and central workshops of the underground railway company, as well as train and station simulators.

Furthermore, two talks will be given on these premises on 13 November: one on sustainability and the other on the environmental management activities undertaken by Metro de Madrid. It will also be possible to visit the Waste Treatment Storage area and the rolling stock train wash.

The activities organised by Metro for Science Week will conclude this year with a series of guided tours around the Chamberí Station-Museum, allowing visitors to enjoy a journey into Metro de Madrid’s past. These visits are scheduled for Saturdays 9 and 16 November from 10:00 to 19:00 and Sundays 10 and 17 from 11:00 to 15:00.

Science Week is celebrated throughout the Region of Madrid and is an event aimed at raising awareness about science and engaging with the public that offers people the opportunity to get a closer look at the latest scientific advancements