Regional Government of Madrid activates a special mobility plan for Climate Conference

The Regional Government of Madrid activates a special mobility plan for the Climate Conference
There will be additional customer attention services for passengers at stations and in the airport and an information point at the headquarters of the COP25. Metro de Madrid will provide additional services on line 8, which serves IFEMA, the headquarters of the event, at the busiest times of day. The Regional Transport Consortium will provide 20,000 Tourist Travel Cards for five days, with up to two free top-ups in the same period

The Regional Government of Madrid has set in motion, through the Regional Transport Consortium, a special mobility plan on the occasion of the Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25), being held at IFEMA from 2 to 13 December.

In order to facilitate access to the more than 20,000 people expected to attend the Climate Conference, the Consortium will increase public transport services to the pavilions where the COP25 is to be held, particularly through Metro de Madrid and the Municipal Transport Enterprise (Spanish acronym: EMT).

Accordingly, the Madrid underground will provide an additional 33% of train services in the busiest times on line 8, which provides direct access to IFEMA (at Feria de Madrid station), which also connects with Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. These additional services will begin on Monday, 2 December, and continue until Friday, 13 December.

Additional services will particularly be provided on week days from 08:30, with up to 17% more trains. As from 09:30, this will rise to 20%, and in the afternoon there will be up to a 25% increase. At weekends and on public holidays, these additional services will begin at 09:00, with a 33% increase, and a 25% increase as from 19:00.


These additional services by Metro de Madrid will be complemented by more staff at stations, principally at Nuevos Ministerios and Feria de Madrid. In addition, more trains are expected to be used on line 4, as the case may be, due to increased passenger numbers. The EMT will provide additional services on line 200 and the airport express line, of up to 60% to reduce times between trains, from Saturday 30 November to Monday, 2 December. Furthermore, over the weekend, there will be two additional buses on line 200 and three on the express line. On Monday, there will be an additional bus on both of these lines.

In addition, those attending the Conference will have their mobility guaranteed with free public transport, after an agreement was reached between the Regional Government of Madrid, the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the City Council of Madrid.

The Consortium will facilitate the organisation of the Conference by providing 20,000 Tourist Travel Cards for five days in Zone A (corresponding to the capital). Participants will receive a travel card when collecting their accreditation at the United Nations counters in the IFEMA trade fair site.

Accordingly, those attending the Conference will have unlimited access to the whole public transport network in the capital for five days. They will also be able to top up their travel card with the same tourist offer twice at a counter set up in the site where the event is being held.

The Consortium will also have a space set up at the trade fair to provide information on the public transport network in the Region of Madrid, with specific information on how to access IFEMA, and it will provide plans of the network on recycled paper with a QR code.

Furthermore, and until 13 December, an additional information post has been set up in terminals T2 and T4 at the airport, as well as a public attention officer between 09:00 and 1700 to provide additional assistance to travellers.


The Regional Government of Madrid has set up a special web page that contains all the information on the Climate Conference at, which, among other matters, contains recommended routes to reach the IFEMA trade fair site from the airport and from the capital. The main access is on line 8 of the underground to Feria de Madrid station. IFEMA can also be reached by bus, using lines 73 (Diego de León-Feria de Madrid), 122 (Avenida de América-Feria de Madrid) and 112 (Mar de Cristal-Barrio del Aeropuerto). In addition, line 828 (Universidad Autónoma-Alcobendas-Feria de Madrid-Canillejas) of the suburban bus network has a stops at the trade fair site.