Regional Government of Madrid sets up interactive virtual reality space that allows you to drive Metro de Madrid train simulators

Área interactiva de realidad virtual
Underground passengers will also be able to visit the first inaugural train in 1919 and experience an audio-visual immersion in the stations back at the start of the 20th Century. The use of the most advanced 3D technologies simulates a highly realistic environment.

The Regional Government of Madrid has created a Metro de Madrid interactive space with virtual reality as part of the exhibition of classic trains in Chamartín station. This new space allows visitors to experience the origins of Metro de Madrid and gives us the opportunity to drive classic trains using simulators (as of 8 years of age) and to see what stations were like at the start of the 20th Century through virtual reality technology (as of 13 years of age).

The Transport, Mobility and Infrastructure Councillor of the Regional Government of Madrid and Chairman of Metro de Madrid, Ángel Garrido, visited this new space today, which will be open until 2 February and which will allow passengers to experience the origins of Metro in 1919 through the use of the most advanced 3D technologies, simulating a highly realistic environment.

“At Metro de Madrid, we not only transport passengers, but we also preserve our past and make plans for the future. This virtual visit is an example of the digital protection of the heritage of the underground through a leisure activity that harnesses the technology of simulating the train driving of Metro de Madrid”, underlined Ángel Garrido, who was accompanied by the CEO of the public enterprise of the Regional Government of Madrid, Silvia Roldán.

This is a space where it is possible to be immersed in driving the first train that ran on the Madrid underground or travelling to historic stations, all through the use of digital interfaces and technologies and virtual reality whereby the original stretch of the Madrid underground has been recreated.

The new space provides a unique experience whereby you can simultaneously drive the trains, interact with them in a digital environment and undergo a time travel experience.

The space assembled by Metro de Madrid includes an area in which you can test out what it would have been like to drive a classic train, using a tablet in which the basic controls to drive the train are recreated, while the driver’s position in the cabin is visualised on a large-format TV screen. The second area, after experiencing driving the train, provides the visitor with access to a virtual reality zone. Using VR glasses, the user is immersed in a personal experience consisting of a fully realistic tour round the first Metro stations going back 100 years.


The whole visit is free of charge and users are accompanied and assisted by specialised technical staff. To take part, it is necessary to register on the web page of the Metro Museums (, where available times can also be consulted. The new interactive virtual area is framed within the exhibition of restored classic trains that can be visited in Chamartín station, which is the final touch of the initiatives carried out on the occasion of the centenary of Metro de Madrid. This space forms part of the Metro Museums offer, together with the former Chamberí station, the Engine Shed, the Caños del Peral space and the original entrance hall of Pacífico station.



Ángel Garrido, consejero de Transportes, Movilidad e Infraestructuras de la Comunidad de Madrid y presidente de Metro de Madrid


Visita a la zona interactiva de realidad virtual

Ángel Garrido visita la nueva zona interactiva de Metro de Madrid
Ángel Garrido visita la nueva zona interactiva de Metro de Madrid
Nueva zona interactiva de Metro de Madrid
Ángel Garrido visita la nueva zona interactiva de Metro de Madrid