Regional Government of Madrid guarantees mobility during improvement works on line 4 of underground

As from next Monday, 13 January, the service will be suspended on the whole of line 4 to implement the modernisation and comprehensive renovation works. A special bus service will cover the stretch between Avenida de América and Pinar de Chamartín at no cost to users. The Consortium will provide additional services on lines 1, 2 and 6 of the underground and on the EMT bus lines 9, 21, 29 and 70

The Regional Government of Madrid will guarantee the public transport service during the improvement works on line 4 of the underground. To cover this, the Regional Transport Consortium has established additional services to guarantee mobility as from next Monday, 13 January, which includes a special bus service, at no additional costs to users, as well as increased services on certain underground and EMT bus lines. This will remain active until the modernisation works are terminated, which will last for some eight weeks.

In order to minimise disruptions to passengers during the works, a special bus service, free of charge for users, will cover the stretch between Avenida de América and Pinar de Chamartín. The Municipal Transport Enterprise of Madrid (EMT) will provide this service that will be covered by 35 buses and run every 3-5 minutes between 06:00 and 01:30.

The stretch between Avenida de América and Argüelles already has a broad offer of alternative public transport during the closure of line 4, which will also enjoy increased services as of Monday. Specifically, more trains will run on lines 1, 2 and 6 of the underground and on EMT bus lines 9, 21, 29 and 70.


The highest number of additional trains will run on line 2 of the underground at morning rush hour on business days. There will be a 19% increase in the number of trains running from 09:30 to 14:00 from Monday to Thursday. This will be extended until 16:00 on Fridays. In the afternoons, 10% more trains will run on business days and 8% more on Saturdays.

17% more trains will run on direction 2 of line 6 of the underground between 07:30 and 09:30, while 3% more trains will run on line 1 on Fridays from 14:00 to 16:00.

The Consortium will also increase EMT bus services every day of the week on lines 9, 29 and 70 by providing an additional bus. Furthermore, two extra buses will be added on line 21 during the same times.

In addition, and regardless of these extra buses, checks will be made of the use of these lines to establish a one-off service in the event of detecting a higher flow of passengers.

The Transport Consortium will provide information brochures to Metro passengers containing details on the closure of the entire line, the replacement bus service that will cover line 4 between Avenida de América and Pinar de Chamartín, and other transport options.


The comprehensive renovation of line 4 of the underground, with a total budget of more than 47 million euros, seeks to increase the capacity and reliability of operations on the line through a set of actions to renew and standardise railway signalling and the electrification of the overhead line, and the installation of a complete rigid catenary system. This system will allow the number of incidents to be reduced and lower the consequent maintenance costs.

In addition, four stations will be modernised: Esperanza, Prosperidad, Arturo Soria and Alfonso XIII, which will coincide with the closure of line 4, although these works are independent. The aim is to replace the cladding, obsolete installations and technology on the platforms and access ways by other more modern materials and equipment adapted to current regulations, which will facilitate maintenance tasks and improve the functionality of the installations. In addition, the drainage and sanitations system will be extended at stations with new waterproofing system, new electricity conduits will be installed and new furniture fitted. In addition to these works on stations, the ceiling at Avenida de América station will be waterproofed.

The works on line 4 also provide for the removal of asbestos from installations in tunnels and stations.