Regional Government of Madrid offers virtual tours round the exhibitions put on by Metro de Madrid to celebrate its centenary

‘Underground portraits’ in Chamartín station
Users will have a new chance to visit them on the web page of the enterprise. They can “stroll round” the classic train exhibition in Chamartín station or visit the displays entitled ‘Underground portraits’ and ‘100 years of Metro’, among others

The Regional Government of Madrid will offer virtual tours round the exhibitions organised by Metro de Madrid on the occasion of its centenary celebrations. These displays can now be visited virtually through the official webpage of the public enterprise. To do so, click on the sub-section ‘Visitas virtuales’ [Virtual visits] of the section ‘Quiénes somos’ [Who we are] of the webpage (

After clicking on this, you will be able to go on a tour of the exhibition of classic trains in Chamartín station, or the display entitled ‘Underground portraits’. You can also visit the Engine Shed and the exhibition ‘100 years of Metro’, also on display at the same site.

These virtual tours also include informative texts, old maps and explanatory videos, in some cases, of different aspects of the Madrid underground.

In this way, all those who were physically unable to visit the different displays put on to celebrate Metro’s centenary have another chance to see them and discover interesting aspects of the past, present and future of the enterprise.


The exhibitions have been the main attraction of the centenary year of Metro de Madrid. In fact, the starting pistol of the 100 years’ celebrations of the underground was the inauguration by His Majesty King Felipe VI of the exhibition of restored classic trains in Chamartín station in October 2018.

Another of the activities put on was the exhibition at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Madrid of a series of photographs on the present and future of the underground.

Furthermore, the display ‘Underground portraits’ in Chamartín station served to see famous people from the world of culture, communication and sport pay their own tributes to Metro.

The exhibition ‘100 years of Metro’ was also organised in the Engine Shed in Pacífico, with historical artefacts, texts and audio-visual projections that helped the public understand the dimensions that Metro de Madrid has achieved in becoming an essential part of the life and history of the capital.

The Engine Shed in Pacífico is, in fact, one of the most emblematic sites of the Madrid underground. Designed by Antonio Palacios, this impressive shed hosts three enormous diesel engines and the rest of the machinery that served to generate and transform the energy to power the trains in the past.

As time went by and as companies found ways to guarantee an increasingly more regular supply, the Engine Shed, which at one time was the most powerful site installed in Spain, become obsolete and it stopped generating energy in the 1950s, and was definitively closed down in 1972.