Regional Government of Madrid guarantees supply of spare parts for braking systems on Metro trains

The Regional Government of Madrid has approved a supply contract for the sum of 5 million euros over two years. The underground uses spare parts in ordinary maintenance works and also in the event of a breakdown. Metro de Madrid undertakes ongoing maintenance to trains and facilities to guarantee their quality and safety

The Regional Government of Madrid guarantees the supply of spare parts for the braking systems used by Metro de Madrid in normal maintenance and in the event of a breakdown. Today it has approved the proposed award for the supply of exclusive spare parts for the maintenance of the compressed air production equipment and braking systems installed on their trains for the sum of more than 5 million euros over two years.

This award translates into the acquisition of more than 600 spare parts necessary for the maintenance of trains, in this case of a key system such as the brakes, which operates with compressed air. These systems are comprised of a great many parts, and hence the correct maintenance of each one is fundamental.

All of these spare parts allow greater reliability of material to be guaranteed, as well as the optimisation of the maintenance processes of these key elements to guarantee the safety of the network.


The maintenance work that requires these spare parts and which affects the braking systems are carried out, above all, during long-cycle revisions that are carried out on trains every 600,000 kilometres (every six or seven years), depending on the model of train. In addition, when there are incidents or the train breaks down, it may be necessary to use these spare parts.

All Metro trains manufactured with solutions proposed by the company Knorr-Bremse – the only company that has the documentation to manufacture this equipment and their corresponding parts - must be original in order for the systems to function correctly and safely, as with air production and brake equipment, which are for safety purposes. Most of these elements are parts that are used in the revision of the equipment, and hence they must be original so as to be a perfect fit to replace the original equipment.

The maintenance of both the trains and the families is one of the priorities for Metro de Madrid in order to guarantee a quality, safe and reliable service.