The Regional Government of Madrid enhances information on Metro App to help travellers spend as little time as possible in its installations

This measure has been implemented by the Regional Government of Madrid in response to the spread of the coronavirus. This function helps the user see how long to wait until the next train and optimise travel. The official application also tells you the closest station via geo-localisation

The Regional Government of Madrid has implemented a new function on the Metro de Madrid official app, which allows the user to see, much quicker and more intuitively, the closest station to where they are and how long to wait until the next train. This helps travellers spend as little time as possible in its installations.

The public enterprise of the Regional Government of Madrid thus enhances communication as to the arrival of the next train, optimising travel for passengers. This is another measure introduced by Metro de Madrid to help alleviate the consequences of the current health crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The function, which can be accessed from the main screen of the Metro app by clicking on the ‘Next train’ option, calculates the user’s position and looks for the nearest stations within a radius of 550 metres. The user can configure this radius of distance. The tool then shows the list of closest stations in ascending order of distance, as well as the waiting time for the next train on that line.

By clicking on each of the stations, the user is given more detailed information, not only on waiting times, but also on the services offered at the station and potential incidents that may exist.

The Metro de Madrid app already allowed the arrival time of the next train to be seen as one of the options on the main menu. This new function developed by the Madrid underground allows the user to calculate the station they should head to quicker, taking into account their location at that time in order for them to arrive at their destination more quickly and safely.


Within the framework of measures and recommendations adopted to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, the Region of Madrid reminds citizens of the need to remain at home.

Even if the journey is strictly necessary and falls within the cases provided for in the state of emergency, the elderly and those who suffer from illness are advised, on health grounds, to avoid using the Metro and public transport in general. This recommendation from the health authorities extends to their care-providers and those who live with these sectors of vulnerable people.